Angelina Jolie: Pregnancy Made Fashionable – The glowing mother-to-be takes Cannes by storm in a succession of fashionable gowns

Angelina Jolie is definitely not what you’d call publicity-shy – on the contrary, the mother-of-four, actress and humanitarian knows full well the value of media exposure and of a carefully manipulated public image. Arm in arm with her equally famous partner turned world’s-most-famous-Daddy Brad Pitt, Angie is moving on with
her extraordinary life, promoting her movies, traveling the world and getting ready for the arrival of her

And as always, the world – that is, all of us – is ready and willing to be swept away on the wings of the purest celebrity fantasy by this beautiful pregnant woman, who on top of glowing with pride and happiness is also displaying the most amazing arsenal of pregnancy-flattering gowns.

Angie has been in Cannes over the past days promoting her latest flick, an animated movie called “Kung Fu Panda”, and has been doing the usual promotional rounds – interviews, photo shoots, red carpet events – with the utmost grace, showing off at least three separate, beautiful maternity
Enlarge picture

Enlarge picture
gowns in
Enlarge picture

Enlarge pictureone day: a forest green, flowing Thomas Wylde design on the red
carpet, a mint green dress for a TV interview and a loose white dress decorated with a scorpion.

Angelina’s pregnancy was one of the hottest topics in Cannes ever since the festival debuted two days ago, particularly since two of Angie’s “Kung Fu Panda” co-stars, Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman have – inadvertently or not – spilled the beans on two of the actress’ best-kept secrets: the fact that she is in fact expecting twins and the exact date when she is due to give birth – August 19th.

What with the celebrity buzz surrounding her, her fashion choices and the fact that her whole family is currently in France alongside her, Angie is definitely the queen of the Cannes media hype – and the festival has only just begun. Stay tuned for more fashion news.