ET, is That You at the Window? – Video of peeping alien released yesterday

The video footage of what appears to be an extraterrestrial being peeping through the window on an
American citizen living in Denver was released yesterday during a news conference organized by the
residents of Denver in an effort to convince people that UFO sightings need to be treated much more seriously, and that an “Extraterrestrial Affair Commission” needs to be created in order to analyze the reported alien encounters.

Jeff Peckman, the man who organized the petition calling for the establishment of the “Extraterrestrial Affair Commission” hopes to raise 4,000 signatures before initiating a vote regarding this matter. Peckman also believes that there is conclusive evidence throughout the world, showing that our planet is being regularly visited by intelligent extraterrestrial beings.

“Collectively, it’s all very convincing, but that video capped the experience,” Peckman said about the video which was allegedly shot in 2003 by a man called Stan Romanek from Colorado, who claims that he had more than 100 alien contacts, including alien abductions. The grainy video shows someone or something approaching the windows of Romanek’s house, apparently to get a better view of the interior.

Romanek, who did not attend the news conference yesterday, reported that he shot the video because he felt as someone was looking into his house. Although the video was not made public, due to the fact that it may be later used in a documentary, some portions of it can be viewed on different websites on the Internet.”We’d like to have more people look at it in the future,” said Peckman.

“There have been, I think, 150 or 250 UFO reports just in the last few years within Denver as well. But Denver, after all, is closer to outer space than most other major cities – we’re the Mile High City – so it’s a natural first stop for them,” said Peckman while asked why he was attending the “Extraterrestrial Affair Commission” initiative.