iPhone 2 – New iPhone is thinner, sports front camera, video chatting capabilities, more

This picture is said to be the first that shows the actual new iPhone from Apple. Call it iPhone 2 or iPhone 3G,
CrunchGear claims it’s the real thing, which not only sports 3G (really now, was there any doubt?) but also
offers support for iChat. The service will allegedly be launched for Windows users too.

The tech-based web site claims the images are from a tipster who has previously leaked them solid proof of the existence of new Apple products (the third-gen iPod nano). The new iPhone, as shown in the AT&T promotional material, is slimmer (an aspect already “confirmed” by earlier rumors), it will come in different colors (no mention whether black and red are the only ones), it will sport video chatting and more.

A more detailed list of specs is given as follows:

• Thinner than the current model
• Stereo speakers on the back
• Front facing camera for iChat AV
• Multiple color choices, including (RED)

“…the images come from Apple or AT&T promotional material that shows not just the new iPhone, but also gives away a couple secrets,” Matt Hickey reports. Those secrets are not the specs above (which make a lot of sense by the way), but the “evidence that Apple will launch iChat for Windows.”

Well, this makes sense too. Think about it this way: Apple launches iPod knowing Windows users will want to grab it too. What does Apple do? Exactly: iTunes for Windows. But there’s even more proof that this is the case here: “After some painstaking image manipulation,” the publication was able to make out the text of the iChat blurb, which reads the following:

“Video just became a little more fun. Start a real time video chat with other AT&T subscribers via 3G networking, or with iChat buddies via WiFi. The video calling revolution has begun.”

Until more details emerge about the credibility of these photos, let your thoughts sound off in the comments.